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WHY Buy a Commercial Grade TV?

In the same way a pro photographer uses a purpose-built camera , or a construction worker will use commercial grade tools, your business demands a purpose built commercialgrade flat panel television. Commercial grade television are built to withstand constant use and harsh public environments. Whether you own a sports bar, restaurant or even an airport , you expect that your panels will provide entertainment and information in an always-on environment withnodown time. LG uses commercial grade components which are designed to expand the life of your flat panel. Key considerations such as heat dust and humidity all play a role in the build quality of an LG commercial grade panel.Not only is the construction of a commercial grade panel superior to your panel at home, the "back-end" infrastructure allows you to post content that is important to you with ease. You may be tempted to pick up an inexpensive consumer panel for your business, but like all reputable business there is a reason the pros use pro gear. Your TV should be no exception.

Explore LG Commercial TV Lineup

Experience LG's smart and reliable Commercial TVs designed especially for hospitality environment.


Pro:Centric SMART with OLED line provides Lg's smartest hotel TV solution while overcoming the limits of current display in both picture quality and desing Line upEV960H, EW961H

Ultra HD

Commercial TV line carries essential functions of hospitality display suitable for various business environment. Line up UV340C, LV340, LV303C, LV300C, LW331C, LW300C

Ultra Stretch

Pro:Centric SMART line is a set top box intergrated commercial TV enabling interactive communication between guests and the propery's managers.Line upUV961H,UV761H,LV761H,LX761H


Smart TV Signage line is especially designed for broadcasting TV programs and advertising business simultaneously in one display Line upLV640S

Video Wall

With Pro:Centric V line and Pro:Centric Server, centralized content management and easy configuration of guest-room TVs are available via existing coxial infrastructure.Line upLV541H


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