LG Full HD projector

Only 38cm To get 254cm Big Picture

PF1000UG is whole new type of projector for home cinema. It only needs 38cm to get 254cm cinematic size(11cm for 152.4cm). Without distance calculation, just put PF1000UG on your existing furniture(or floor) in front of wall and play.


Vivid and Clear 1080P Picture Quality

The LG Minibeam Pro(PF1000UG) offers clear 1080P picture quality with 1400 Lumens high brightness, 150,000:1 contrast ratio, LED light and triple XD Engine.

Innovative 1000 Lumens high brightness provides more clear visibility. With 150,000:1 contrast, it presents impressive white and black achromatic colors. LED light source that generate color through red, green, blue separated light source, gives 114% vivid chromatic color than conventional lamp projectors. Triple XD engine, the essence technique of half century history LG TV, adjusts picture more clearly to represents picture more naturally.


Designed for harmonic interior

If you are not satisfied with conventional projector with messy wires on middle of your table or ugly ceiling bracket, Minibeam UST will be perfect solution for you. Just put in on your furniture near the wall, then you get neat and tidy interior immediately.


Wireless Screen Share with Mobile Devices

Unlike conventional projectors, LG’s Screen Share provides wire-free experiences when connecting PC, smartphones, or tablets.


LED illumination system

LG’s LED light lasts for 30,000 hours. It means you can use it 20 years when using 4 hours a day.Don’t spend lamp replacement cost anymore.


Bluetooth sound out for wireless sound system

Wirelessly stream sound directly from projector to bluetooth compatible sound system like home audio, headphone and portable speaker for a seamless listening experience